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Meet Camille, 24 years old and a Cape Cod homeowner! 

Like many of you, Camille had over $20k in student loans, and credit cards with balances in good standing. Camille had a steady income. Camille had a low-down payment.


Thanks to Homestead Mortgage, Camille is now out of the often-over-priced Cape Cod rental rat-race and owns her own home, along with many others!


Have you explored buying vs. renting here on Cape Cod? Do you have a similar situation? Have a steady income, bills in good standing? Can't justify paying outrageous prices for a property that isn't your own?  It might be easier to achieve owning than you think.


Let us explain!


If you have a job or steady source of income, you’re off to a great start. If you’re able to pay your rent on time each month, this could be easier than you might think.



You rarely need a 20% down payment. There are many programs that will work with 5%, 3.5%, and in some cases, even 0% down. As well, closing costs can sometimes be paid by lenders, sellers, or come from gifts or grants. So, if you think you’re out of luck because you don’t have tons of cash, no worries. Chances are still good there’s a solution that may work.



If you pay your bills on time and have avoided major issues like bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sales, and judgments, it’s likely your credit is in good shape. Requirements will always vary, but there can still be reasonably flexible loan options, such as the FHA loan guarantee programs.


That’s it.

These three items are the fundamentals of mortgage lending. Exceptions will exist, but don’t be fooled into thinking the process is impossible. For those who work and pay their bills, there may not be a whole lot standing in the way of homeownership.

Drop us a line, someone will reach out and help discuss your options.

We're here for you, and we're here to help!

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