Millennials and Mortgages

The American Dream - We have all heard of the white picket fence and green lawn that we get to call our own, but for many who fall into the “Millennial” demographic, that dream feels so far away. Millennials are defined as 18-34 year olds, and the array of economic issues that have fallen on that group’s shoulders have greatly affected their ability to grab their slice of that American Dream. Unemployment Rates have skyrocketed, right along with Education-related debts. This generation also witnessed how the Mortgage Industry was a huge factor with their parents, friends, family and neighbor’s getting burdened with risky sub-prime loans, some who lost their homes and savings in the process.

FHA Mortgages and You…

If you are in the market for a mortgage, chances are you have come across these three letters in your travels: F.H.A. The FHA Home Loan is a mortgage product that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration, allowing lenders to offer competitive rates, low down payments, and easy credit qualifications. The FHA has been offering this program since 1934 in order to help boost the housing market and get people into home ownership. So why would you want an FHA loan for your home purchase? Why wouldn’t you? The following guide will give some pros and cons to the program that you can speak with your mortgage professional about! Flexible Credit Qualifications FHA is one of the few options av

Equal Housing Opportunity

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